2X Eschenbach MaxDetail Clip - Close Up Viewing
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2X Eschenbach MaxDetail Clip - Close Up Viewing


The MaxDetail Clip is a lightweight binocular magnifier that clips onto your eyeglasses to give you 2X magnification at a very comfortable 15 focal distance. The relatively high magnification at such a work-friendly distance is achieved through the use of the MaxDetail Clip double lens Galilean optics. Single lens clip-ons and headband magnifiers are limited by the laws of optics to fixed ratios of magnifications to distance, sacrificing increased magnification to shorter working distances. With the MaxDetail Clip, you get a lightweight, less obtrusive product that delivers a wide 3-3/8 field of view at a respectable 2X magnification while keeping your focus at a comfortable to work with 15 distance.

The MaxDetail Clip is ideal for reading books or newspapers, the print on computer screens, or other extended near tasks.

* Magnification: 2x
* Lens Design: Galilean Telescopic system
* Field of View: Wide field of view of 13 degrees
* Working Distance: Large working distance of 16 inches
* Weight: Lightweight - only 23 grams or 0.8 ounces
* PD Range: 62-70mm
* Case: Protective sturdy, zipped case included
* Lens Height Range: Choice of 5 lens heights to allow an optimal line of sight

Model: 16246

Manufacturer: Eschenbach
Origin: Germany

  • SKU#: 16246
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Eschenbach

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