MagniLink Vision Split High Definition 23 Inch Monitor
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MagniLink Vision Split High Definition 23 Inch Monitor


MagniLink Vision Split is a modern and flexible high quality video magnifier which allows you to share one monitor between a reading camera, distance camera and computer, either in split screen mode or by switching views. The system is perfect for visually impaired people who need an ergonomic, high quality aid for long days at work or in school.

MagniLink Vision Split offers a reading camera (HD or HR) and/or a motorized distance camera (HD or SD). The monitor is available in either 18.5 or 23 dimensions (23 with full HD resolution). You can also use your own monitor. The system has a generous working space. For even more flexibility you can choose a model without reading table. To allow freer placement of the distance camera, you have the option of selecting a table-top stand or a wall or ceiling bracket.

The optimized sharpness maximizes both reading speed and endurance. In addition, the low initial magnification allows maximal orientation (only 1.7x with a 18.5 screen and HD camera). Side-facing LED lighting to minimize shadows and reflections, coupled with perfect colour reproduction give superior picture quality.

When using the zoom function or changing the split ratio, the Optical Centre Focus in the picture is retained. Unlike many other solutions on the market, the centre of the object in focus will not be cropped when changing the ratio.

The control panel is designed with tactile buttons which make the system easy to use. There are several smart functions on the control panel, for instance a foot pedal function (to easy switch between split screen modes) and smarter choice for active camera. The active camera is marked with an orange frame on the screen. It is also possible to program different camera positions and the orange frame gets thicker for a second when programming position.

It is possible to order a holder for the external control panel (product code: MLV-A116), which facilitates when using the reading table and the cable can be hidden under the table.

MagniLink Vision Split is available in many models and can be adapted to the user.

* Magnification: 2.0-60x
* Split screen modes: Full picture/horizontal-vertical split between
1-2 cameras and computer (Optical Center Focus retained)
* Reading camera resolution: HR/HD
* Distance camera resolution: SD/HD
* Split screen image between the computer (PC/MAC) and the reading / distance camera
* Low initial magnification - 1.7x (18.5 inch screen, HD camera) allows maximum orientation
* Unique Optical Center Focus - the object in focus will not be cropped when changing the ratio
* All functions in one user friendly control box
* Low weight making it easy to move the MagniLink Vision Split
* Foot switch for quick switching between camera(s) and computer

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  • Manufactured by: LVI

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