Plextalk PTR2 Digital Audio Book Player
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Plextalk PTR2 Digital Audio Book Player


PTR2 is designed to be a high-quality recorder with the ability to create DAISY 2.02, audio only, books and Music CDs. It can play DAISY titles, Music CDs and Audio File CDs and CF cards. It can be used as a CD-RW or memory card drive when connected to a computer. For quicker and easier editing of your DAISY content, the PTR2 is supplied with the Plextalk Recording Software (PRS). This package gives you all the necessary tools to record, edit and finalize your own audio only DAISY 2.02 books.

PTR2 can be operated in 2 main modes called “Normal” mode and “Book Creator” mode. You can switch between these 2 modes at any time. The PTR2 will be supplied with Normal mode set as the default. Normal mode gives you a simplified interface and makes the process of creating a recording very straightforward. This mode of operation is ideal for a beginner or for someone who wants to make a recording quickly and easily. Some of the more advanced recording and editing features are not available to you in this mode. Book Creator mode gives you all the necessary tools to create a fully structured, audio only, DAISY 2.02 book including insert, punch in and overwrite recording, phrase editing and the ability to set heading levels.

You can listen to DAISY CD, Music CD, audio file CD anywhere anytime. Navigation can be done easily with using page key, heading key, bookmark key and numeric key (2,4,6,8). Radio program, TV program, lecture and conference can be recorded in CD or CF card. Track and page can be made during recording. Editing such as delete, copy and paste can be done after recording. Data in many cassette tapes can be converted into one CD. By compressing data in MP3 format, long-hour recording in one CD is possible. (For example, 20 hours of recording under MP3 64kbps Mono format can be saved in one CD.) Back-up of DAISY title and Music CD is possible with PTR2. If there is DAISY CD or Music CD that you would like to keep, data in CD can be transferred into CF card and then data in CF card is burnt into CD. Note: PTR2 conforms to SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) standards. This standard regulates the recording and copying of digital signals between digital audio devices, up to 1 generation from the original. Music CD can be stored in CF card or micro drive by back-up function. If you select the MP3 format ( MP3 128kbps Stereo or MP3 256kbps Stereo), many music data can be stored in large capacity card ( e.g. 4GB or 6GB ), and you can enjoy listening to them. PTR2 can be used as an alarm clock. It has sleep timer function that switches off by itself automatically at the setting time. It has also power on timer function that switches on by itself automatically at the setting time. PTR2 has a notepad function that records the memo or schedule in the memory. Data saved in notepad can be played at the setting time. PTR2 has a talking watch function and talking calculator function.

* PTR2 complies with the digital audio book application called DAISY. Various digital audio books can be played.
* Playback function of Music CD and audio file CD/Card.
Not only general Music CD, but also MP3 and Ogg Vorbis burnt into CD or card can be played with PTR2.
* Move to the page immediately that you specified by ten key. By using 2, 4, 6 and 8 key to move between levels, pages , groups and time (by one minute or 10 minutes).
* The maximum 10,000 bookmarks can be put in recorded books or music CDs. Voice bookmarks function, which created by your own voice, is available. Also, Resume bookmark, which is placed where you stopped automatically, is available.
* The playback speed can be changed from 0.5 to 3 times. Tone can be changed from -6 to 6 step.
* The recording can be done through the built-in microphone, external microphone or line input. As PTR2 accepts the plug-in power type of external microphone or the stereo type of external microphone, and then outside recording is possible through battery operation.
* The maximum 90 hours of recording on CD-R(700MB) is possible in DAISY format. The recording mode can be selected from the following seven sound qualities;
PCM 44.1kHz Stereo, PCM 22.05kHz Mono, MP3 256kbps Stereo, MP3 128kbps Stereo, MP3 64kbps Mono, MP3 32kbps Mono, MP3 16kbps Mono
* The maximum 30 minutes of recording (Notepad and Voice bookmark) can be saved in the internal memory. The recordings can be done on CF card (64MB CF card is attached) and CD-R/RW (one CD-R 700MB included in accessories). The recording in music format on the CD-R/RW is possible.
* DAISY CD and Music CD can be backed up into CF card and its reverse process is also possible. Note: CF Card (e.g. 1GB) that has larger capacity than CD (700MB) is required.
* At the Normal mode, section (heading) and page can be set through hearing audio. Cut, copy and paste by section are possible. In Book Creator mode, setting of section level and group can be done, and cut, copy and paste by phrase are possible.
* The main body is surrounded by soft plastic material not only to absorb shocks, but also to prevent CD from being scratched when inserting. Also, the main body has the drip-proof structure in order to protect from accidental splash.
* The environmental directive called RoHS (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment directive) will be enforced in EU from July, 2006. PTR2 will be complied by March, 2006.
* There are two different modes available in PTR2, Normal mode and Book Creator mode. In Normal mode, you can enjoy recording with easy operation like you do with IC recorder or MD player. In Book Creator mode, you can do the advance recording function such as punch-in and over write recording.
* About 8 hours of recording and playback with CF card is possible under battery operation.
* PTR2 has the internal clock, and then it shuts off by itself at the time you set under the sleep timer function. And also it will power on at the time you set under the power on timer function. By using notepad alarm, notepad will be heard at the time you set.
* PTR2 has talking calculator function.
* Playable Audio Formats for the DAISY Books: MP3, MP2, DAISY ADPCM2, PCM
* Recording Methods: DAISY 2.02, CD-DA
* Externally Connected Terminal: USB 1.1, type B
* Dimensions & Weight: Length 205 mm, width 167 mm, height 50 mm Weight Approx. 940g

Manufacturer: Plextalk

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  • Manufactured by: PlexTalk

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