ReSound Unite™ Micro Microphone
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ReSound Unite™ Micro Microphone


The ReSound Micro Mic is a lightweight and discreet microphone that transmits speech and audio directly to your ReSound hearing aids with a range of up to 25 metres (clear line of sight). It is compatible with all ReSound wireless hearing aids (if unsure, please check with your audiologist).

For one-to-one communication, the Micro Mic is easy to use and offers exceptional benefits:

Exclusive design that is discreet and lightweight
One-to-one communication when clipped or worn with a lanyard
Plug-and-play functionality
One time pairing procedure - once paired the Micro Mic stays paired with the hearing instruments

By optimizing signal-to-noise ratio, the Micro Mic improves speech understanding in challenging listening situations where distance, background
noise or poor acoustics are an issue.

The Micro Mic sends a speaker’s voice directly into your ReSound hearing instruments without the need for any extra devices – no cables, cords or necklaces.

Since the listener is not required to look directly at the speaker during a conversation, he or she is free to perform dual attention tasks.

The ReSound Micro Mic extends the hearing range beyond the standard reach of any hearing instrument in many situations, such as:

in places of worship
in the car
while dining out

An onboard volume control ensures that the streamed speech level can be easily adjusted. Furthermore, should the Micro Mic be accidentally dropped and fall more than 30 inches (75cm), a drop detector ensures that the streamed signal is momentarily muted to avoid unpleasant impact noise.

Technical specifications:
* Noise suppression microphone mode with directional focus towards speakers mouth
* Simply turn the Micro Mic ON and switch the hearing instruments into streaming mode
* Plug-and-play functionality
* Multiple hearing instruments per ReSound Micro Mic. Up to 3 ReSound streaming devices per binaural set of hearing instruments
* Wireless range up to 25 metres/82 feet
* Dual microphone voice pick-up
* Acoustic inputs above 85dB SPL are limited to avoid unpleasant loud outputs
Can be clipped onto clothing or worn with a lanyard
Talk time: 10 hours
Easy to recharge (charging cables included)

Before you can use any of the ReSound wireless accessories, they need to be paired to your ReSound instrument. This is a simple process and can be done by the user.

Just press the pairing button on the ReSound Micro Mic, and open and close the battery door of the hearing instruments within 20 seconds to pair with the hearing instruments.

  • Model: 17748200
  • Shipping Weight: 2.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: ReSound Unite

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