Schweizer ERGO-Lux MP Pocket Magnifier 6X / 20D / Lens Size: 2 Inches
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Schweizer ERGO-Lux MP Pocket Magnifier 6X / 20D / Lens Size: 2 Inches


Schweizer’s innovative new hand held magnifiers bring quality, technology and design to the world of optical magnification. Several features make them a great option for the low vision user. The ERGO-Lux MP (Multi Power) mobile series comes in a choice of 11 different powers, ranging from 6D (2.5X) to 56D (15X). LED illumination evenly disperses over the entire viewing area, thanks to the multi-chip SMD LED technology which provides an even spread of light and the precise adjustment of light intensity. The brightness level can be controlled with the 2 step Multi-Power (MP) boost switch. The smooth gliding button offers 2 levels of illumination, with an audible click to mark the different steps of illumination. This battery operated magnifier works on 3 AAA batteries (included, for greater convenience.) 18 hours of illumination offered at the lower power of illumination, and 10 hours at the higher level.

The 20D / 6X handheld ERGO-Lux handheld magnifier, featured here, has a 55mm (2.1") diameter lens, and a 2" focal distance (the working distance between the lens and the paper.) It falls in the mid range of magnification and lens size.

Increase the functionality of your 6X magnifier by turning it into a hands free stand magnifier with the use of an optional plastic stand. Insert the magnifier into the stand, and it becomes a hands free stand magnifier, allowing the user to read hands free, without compromising the image quality. The stand alone base for the 20D/6X ERGO handheld magnifier is model number 160202. This base can also be used in an upright position to allow the user to do hands free work in front of the lens.

* Magnification: 6x
* Diopter: 20D
* 6500 Kelvin, daylight-bright LED color
* Lens Size: 2 Inches
* Lens Type: Aspheric, lightweight lens
* Working Distance: 1.5 Inches
* MP (Multi Power), 2 step brightness levels
* Ergonomic design and soft-touch zone for extra grip strength
* Up to 18 hours operating life on a set of batteries
* Easy battery replacement, with a simple closing mechanism in the handle
* 3 AAA battery operation, batteries included
* Convenient integrated lanyard loop
* Made in Germany

Optional Accessories:
* Hand Free Stand - Item: 160202

  • SKU#: 166202B
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Schweizer

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