Unisex Talking Pendant Pocket Watch with Choice of Voice (Male & Female) - English
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Unisex Talking Pendant Pocket Watch with Choice of Voice (Male & Female) - English


This unisex talking watch (pendant for ladies/pocket for men) is a beautiful piece to accessorize any ensemble for any occasion. The watch is easy to operate with just a single button. Press it and the watch speaks the time. Press it again and it speaks the day, date, and year. Watch functions with a Choice-of-Voice feature and can easily operate in either a male or female voice. The gold casing shines brilliantly and the 1.25" diameter white face is big enough to tell time easily yet not too big to put in a pocket or hang from the neck. For ladies, the watch comes with a 28" gold chain that is perfect for accessioning as a stylish pendant. For men, the chain can be used with a suit vest as a classic pocket watch, or just put the watch in your pocket and know that it's there when you need it. Beautiful and uncomplicated!

To change the voice, hold the button located at the 2 o'clock position for five sections or until the voice changes. To hear the time, push the button at the 2 o'clock position one time. To hear the Date and Year push the same button again.

* Voice: Male and Female
* Language: English
* Unisex design - Pendant for ladies/Pocket for men
* Gold casing with a white face
* 1 button (Speaks time, day, date, and year)
* Choice-of-Voice function allows for selection of either a male or female voice 28" gold chain
* Face with casing measures 1.375 inches; face alone measures 1.25 inches.

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