Talking Alarm Clock and Temperature


Talking Clock (AUW009):

Š     Time reported with speech sounds (12hour/24 hour)

Š     Daily alarm (10 kinds of alarm to select)

Š     Snooze operation (Each time distance is 10 minute. Ringing 6 times)

Š     Temperature (-9.9°C ~ 90°C)

Š     Two sets of time reported on the hour (CHMI is to report time on every o’clock sharp; CHM2 is to report time during 7 o’clock sharp AM~9 o’clock sharp PM)

Operation explanation:

1.  Normal display mode (press “MODE” to get into Time set mode)

Š      TALKING: Reporting time and temperature

Š      MIN/ALM: alarm sound select

Š      HOUR/CHM: 12/24 hour time display selected mode

2.  Time set mode: (press “mode” to get into Alarm set mode”)

Š      MINALM: (adjust minute)

Š      HOUR/CHM: (adjust hour)

3.  Alarm set mode(press “mode” to get into chime set mode)

Š      MIN/ALM: (adjust minute)

Š      HOUR/CHM: (adjust hour)

4.  Chime set mode ( press “mode” to get into normal display mode)

Š      MIN/ALM: set alarm on/off

Š      HOUR/CHM: set chime on/off

The set order is CHM off -> CHM1 on -> CHM2 on -> CHM off