Talking Alarm Clock with Time and Temperature


Your new talking alarm clock will speak the time and temperature aloud and the bright blue display light will go on when you press on the top of the cabinet. If desired, it can be set to chime every hour.



            Open the battery compartment door on the bottom of the cabinet by depressing the latch and swinging the compartment door open.

We recommend two alkaline “AA” penlight batteries (not furnished)

Observe the “+”and “-“battery polarity as indicated.

Replace the battery compartment door.

When the batteries are properly installed, all segments of the LCD display show and the alarm sounds momentarily.



Press and hold the SET button for three seconds to enter the time setting mode.

Press the UP or DOWN buttons to set the flashing digits as desired for the correct time.

When each digit reads correctly, another press on the SET button will move the flashing digit to the next position which can then be set in the order:  Hour>Minute>Year>Month>exit to normal time display.




            Press the MODE button to enter the alarm time setting mode. The display will show the ALARM symbol. Press and hold the SET button for three seconds, as you did with the time setting.

You can set the digits for the desired alarm time using the UP and DOWN buttons just as you did for the time setting above, and when each digit is set for the desired alarm time successive on the SET button advance the digits in the following order: Hour>Minute>Musical Alarm Selection>exit to alarm time display.

After the alarm is set, it is indicated by ALARM displayed on the normal time display indication that the alarm is on. The alarm will ring for one minute at the alarm time.



When the desired alarm time had been set and exited, press then DOWN button to toggle between just the alarms, indicated by the bell icon, or if snooze function for extra naps is desired, it will be indicated by “Zzz” on the display.

When in the alarm mode, you can toggle between chime on every house, double musical alarm sound or talking time function, as desired.

Normally, the alarm sound will ring for one minute. If the snooze function is on, it will ring every successive five minutes for three times.

Press any key to stop the alarm ringing.